the village makes the villain

I had the right intentions - Sometimes my hope envelopes me


I’m convinced that Bechloe was a originally a thing but they had to rewrite the script to avoid upsetting people like Bend It Like Beckham, so they told Anna and Brittany to create as much lesbian subtext as possible.

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i don’t understand why i have to pay for merch and concert tickets i’ve already sacrificed my soul to you guys what more could you want

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  • Brittany Snow: What am I reading? No, now I can't say it,.
  • Anna Kendrick: Are you reading 50 Shades of Grey?
  • Brittany:
  • Anna: OH my god you are!
  • Brittany:
  • Anna: You dirty little bird.
  • Anna: I can't believe I was naked with you.
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my friend texted me the other night


informing me that “dog food lid” backwards was “dildo of god”, and i just wanted to share it with you ‘uns here as well.

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